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Hey everyone, I am Andrew Hughes, one of your friendly hosts from Ekklesia Radio. I was born in Akron, Ohio, but moved to Fort Myers, Florida when I was approximately three months old, so I was born a Yankee but raised a Cracker. I am a 22 year old college student at Edison State College in my hometown, where I am aiming towards a degree in communications. After I attain my degree I hope to be in full time a minister at Ekklesia Church, serving you the congregation.

I would have to say that my personality is... deep? I like to think that there is a lot to me and that, despite my obscene transparency, it takes a while to get to know me. At first meet I tend to be quite and aloof, but rest assured I am extremely talkative and friendly. For the most part am really chill and laid back, but don't mistake that for uncaring. I also love to have fun and joke around, now I know you are thinking to yourself, “Hey I like to do that to, what makes you so special” well I like to do it all the time, in fact I almost never get anything done because I am goofing off, so that's what make me so special, Mr./Ms. Smartypants.

I tend to see myself as the visionary for the Ekklesia Project. I am usually the one who is not satisfied with the status quo and am pushing for higher and better things. Being a visionary, though, I tend not to be so good at getting things done as I said before, so I thank God everyday for the people that He has surrounded me with or else my “visions” would get nowhere fast.

Well, that's me in a nutshell, I hope you enjoyed it and I didn't scare you off. Visit often for posts of a more theological subject, from the members of the Ekklesia Project.

Yours Truly,
Andrew Hughes

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Anthony DiGeorgio said...

You used six commas in one sentence in your second paragraph. Six. Twenty two commas in the whole thing, with 330 words. ;)

Teasing you, of course.

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