Hello World!

Hello good people of earth!

This is Ekklesia Radio and by the grace of God we are embarking on the mission which has been set before us to reach the world (or maybe central Florida ^_^) with the Gospel. Our podcast is our first step in really discussing and finding practical solutions for the many issues that are plaguing the church today.

We are are under-qualified and completes novices, but we hate a lot of what the church has become. We have learned so much about how the church could be, and we want to make it real. We always welcome advice and suggestions, but we want to *do something* rather than just sit around and watch the church and the world around us crumble.

We desire to question every thing that is not a biblical mandate, from church times and setting, to format and meeting places. We want to build an effective ministry on the foundation of the Word of God and not the human traditions which may be a detriment to our job as ambassadors for Christ.

There is more to come. This is just an intro.

Hello World!


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